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Why Liverpool is a great investment.

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Did you know Scousers are the kindest people in the country? From the moment you arrive in the city, you're guaranteed a warm welcome. From Liver Birds to Cathedral Bell Towers, sky-scraping residential buildings to St John’s Beacon, the Liverpool skyline is instantly recognisable and the best bit is that, you can climb to the top of many of these buildings to experience the stunning 360 view. But back to the business.

It began with huge investments in key sectors like infrastructure and the development of commercial spaces for both retail and office work. These served as fuel for Liverpool’s remarkable resurgence. Liverpool ONE led the way with its opening in 2008. The largest open-air shopping centre in the UK attracts a footfall of 27 million visitors each year, making it the 6th most visited shopping complex in the country. Liverpool is recognised as one of the UK's leading business destination. Liverpool has regional economy worth of more than £171 billion with huge brands operating in and around Liverpool, such as Airbus, American Airlines, Fujitsu, Barclaycard. Plus quite a few car manufacturers contributed to that growth, as have more than 266,000 registered local businesses. Infamous for producing over a quarter-million cars annually for top brands like Vauxhall, Toyota, Bentley, Jaguar, and Land Rover, the region can count of 50,000 jobs and a contribution of over £3 billion to the local economy.

The city, on account of its Universities, is also a home to approximately 70,000 students every year, half of which opt for private purpose-built student accommodation.

As though the city’s premier football team, Liverpool FC, orchestrated the launch of the city’s renaissance, its international success closely mimics that of the city itself. Liverpool FC is among the world’s elite and are consistent competitors in the Champions League, Europe’s most illustrious football trophy, making the final four times and winning it twice in the recent memory. Their status as one of the world’s top football clubs attracts more than 54,000 people for every home game, many of whom travel across the world to see them play. This brings more money and tourism into the city regularly.

Not to be forgotten are Everton. This stadium will reside on the site of Liverpool Waters, one of the UK’s largest scale development projects to date. The £5.5 billion waterfront development will make use of a series of presently derelict dock spaces at central docks and will create 17,000 new, full-time jobs in the city.

Liverpool property prices based on Rightmove website have an overall average price of £179,510 over the last year. Savills expected in the North West the largest increase in the UK during the five years to 2024 with over 27%.

Overall Liverpool’s property prices are much lower than the other centres that appeal to investors in the North of England. House prices in Liverpool have grown by over 22% in the last five years 2014-2019 based on Zoopla.

Short-term letting yields of around 27%, with longer-term ones achieving in excess of 13%. Liverpool has 1641 active Airbnb accommodations where is average daily price £100 based on Airdna.

And few more reasons...Beatles story, plenty of museums, Docks, food culture, giant events, the Grand National, two cathedrals, the highest restaurant outside of London, the Titanic story, Baltic Triangle, two hours by train to London, two airports within 45 min.

I hope I convinced you to invest in Liverpool.

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