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How and why to become an Airbnb superhost.

An Airbnb Superhost is someone who provides exceptional guest experiences for Airbnb users. This label is granted by meeting a set list of criteria from Airbnb. When these measures are followed, Superhost status is awarded automatically.

Why should I care about being a Superhost?

There are three big advantages to becoming a SUPERhost:

  • Increased earnings

  • Improved visibility of your listing

  • Bigger payouts from Airbnb host referrals

From a traveller's perspective, Superhosts are restricted from cancelling bookings, so the reassurance of no cancellation can be persuasive enough alone to book with a Superhost. This is especially true for those travelling in a popular or high-density area with limited availability, as it alleviates travellers' concerns about hosts cancelling or being unresponsive.

One last important perk that is accessible only to Superhosts is the improved visibility of one's listing. Additionally, users can also filter their Airbnb searches to look for Superhosts.


If you’re able to maintain your Superhost status for a year, Airbnb will gift you with credit $100 on your one-year anniversary which you can spend on an Airbnb trip!

But be careful – you won’t receive credit if the badge is stripped from you in less than a year. A Superhost badge can be revoked if the terms and conditions are violated. Airbnb check-up on Superhost’s activity four times a year to make sure they are maintaining the standards.

Priority support

It can be frustrating waiting to hear back from customer support when you're experiencing some problems. But when you’re a Superhost, you’ll receive ‘super support’ from Airbnb customer support, whether it’s through the phone, email, or social media.

More bookings

As a Superhost, customers are more likely to trust you and choose you over hosts who don’t have a Superhost badge. It’s your badge that is really going to make your profile and listing stand out. You’ll also be featured to guests in search results. So, when you have reached the Superhost status, expect bookings and inquiries to increase.

Earn significantly more revenue

And more bookings ultimately mean that Superhosts will earn more revenue. According to Airbnb, Superhosts earn an average of 22% more than other hosts.

How to become an Airbnb Superhost.

So how exactly do you become a Superhost?

You cannot apply to become a Superhost, you must earn it! Airbnb has set out requirements a host must meet to earn the badge. The requirements are:

• Host a minimum of 10 stays in a year or successfully completed 3 long term reservations that total at least 100 nights

• Respond to guests quickly and maintain a 90% response rate or higher

• Maintain an overall rating of 4.8/5 (this rating looks at the past 365 days of reviews, based on the trade of guest left a review, not the date the guest checked out)

Zero cancellations or 1% cancellation rate (1 per 100 reservations), except for situations that fall under Airbnb's Extenuating Circumstances policy.

So, if you really want to earn your Superhost badge, here are some tips worth following:

Be a great communicator – When it comes to answering messages from potential or current guests, it’s important you keep your response time under 24 hours, but ideally reply within the hour, and provide clear and helpful information in response. If a guest wants to know what kind of heating you have in your Liverpool apartment, be sure to give them all the relevant details. If a traveler wants tips on how to get to your place from the airport, offer them a range of options – from private taxis to public buses.

Make it easy – If you’re not able to greet your guests in person, make sure that their check-in goes as smoothly as possible. Provide detailed maps, pictures, and directions. Ensure the lockbox or key safe is easy to access.

Go above and beyond – There might be four specific criteria for becoming a Superhost but why stop at that? Hosts who go above and beyond are likely to get 5-star reviews every time and earn more money than hosts who just do the basics in order to maintain their Superhost status. Some ideas for wowing guests include offering a free airport pickup, taking them on a tour of your local neighborhood, and providing complimentary passes to a few local attractions. And of course, always make sure to remind your guests of the importance of leaving a review.

You’re not just a Host – you’re a Superhost! We are 9 times Superhost in a row.

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