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Become property expert. 

Our Services

  • 1 hr

    99 British pounds

Did you know? Around 100,000 transaction every month in the UK, that is 3,000 per a day. Most of them get advice how to sell property from estate agent but as a buyer is a quite limited, unless you find a good sourcer. (Btw we can source property for you) A lot of them does not know how the yield works, what is the lease or even how much is service charge. We are here to help you for only £99 to give you advice for 60 minutes to avoid future disappointment. We can talk via the phone, zoom or personally and I will give you comprehensive picture about your property investment. 

We will answer such as questions:

* Potential yield

* What would be a capital growth

* How much is service charge

* How much is council tax

* How many years left on the lease

* What was previous purchase price

* Who is the owner

* Location, location, location

* How to add value if resale

* Why new build developments could be headache

* Any potential red flags

Please get in touch via the WhatsApp or form below.  

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